Acne-Ltd III is simple and easy to use

Simply wash your face with a wash cloth and one of the soaps that follows as they are easy to find, inexpensive, and excellent for removing oil from the skin pores while leaving the skin moist without restricting the pores which will help to prevent acne. Neutrogena (the transparent facial bar) "dry skin formula - fragrance free" is very good. Likewise, the Dove "normal white bar" that has been known for years for use on sensitive skin. And the most unusual but the best for the most ultra sensitive skin is the Noxzema Shaving cream for sensitive skin. It is wonderful for Acne patients and performs outstandingly with Acne-Ltd III. We have found these soaps to be the most effective in removing body oil and make-up which can clog the pores.

While the acne skin of the face or body is still 100% wet from washing,gently glide the smooth tan Acne-Ltd III disk over the wet skin to dissolve an invisible amount of the ingredients onto the skin. Usually 2 to 3 seconds of application is enough for each side of your face. If you ever see any of the ingredients or feel any, then you are using too much. The ingredients will penetrate the skin and migrate so covering all of the skin area is not necessary. Most often 'less is more'. Your skin will be dry usually within 8 to 10 seconds due to penetration as well as th air dries the skin. The ingredients will not be visible and will not discolor your clothes or bed linen. You can start at night and use Acne-Ltd III again the next morning after a night of sleep. Usually it is used twice per day, but you may 'spot use' Acne-Ltd III at any time if you see an acne pimple arise. LIfestyle are most important in acne as well as acne rosacea. The use of Jojoba Oil along with Acne-Ltd III is most helpful in the healing abilities of both products. Use Acne-Ltd III yellow disk at night and the tan disk in the morning.

To aid in the healing of your Acne skin, reduce the acidic foods and beverages in your diet or balance/buffer the acid foods with more alkaline foods and water. Simply increasing your water intake can reduce redness and skin irritation. However, more alkaline food along with more alkaline water will be most beneficial to aid in new cell regeneration that is needed in the healing process currently as well into the future years.

Your Acne-Ltd III Order will contain a Letter of Instructions with more detailed instructions.