Shipping Information

Acne-Ltd III is delivered in two to three days to you at the address provided on your order form. Normally the package will be delivered with a delivery confirmation and tracking number also. You will see the package that most deliveries are made by the U.S. Priority Mail package that can be viewed to the left.

Typical Package Counties other than the United states will have their delivery by Federal Express likewise within 2 to 3 days.

Many countries will have an import fee and a note will be left in your mail box to come to your local post office to pay the import tariff and pick up your package. Acne-Ltd III will still be less expensive than your past products in your home country and with an extra advantage 'that it works' as we always have a 120 day refund policy which can be seen here.

After ordering Acne-Ltd III and awaiting your order to arrive, please read this web site again provides a most wonderful investment of time as most Acne patients have spend years in the process of gaining an improvement in your Acne facial and ocular Acne problems.

Once you have received your Acne-Ltd III order, please follow the directions exactly. Some people are dehydrated and need up to 15 days of drinking the correct 'alkaline water' to become well hydrated while other Acne sufferers need some time to heal from their previous Acne treatments so following the Letter of Instruction is required. We are now in our 10th year of having very happy customers throughout the world. These are happy Acne-Ltd customers as they followed the Letter of Instructions after being unsuccessful with other Acne treatments.

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