Acne Flushing And Redness

Acne-Ltd III provides tremendous help with acne redness and flushing. Acne sufferers may have more facial blood vessels than the average, or their vessels may be severely damaged. In either case, the result is that the body cannot handle the dilation of facial vessels easily or properly. Treatment of acne with harsh chemicals such as azealic acid or benzoyl peroxide over a prolonged period of time can result in facial flushing or diffuse redness. The flushing factor tends to be cause of comment and embarrassment for the acne sufferer.

In the early stages of acne this redness may come and go. In the later stages of acne, the effect becomes more permanent. The facial redness or flushing may last anywhere from hours to days at a time. Anything that stimulates facial dilation becomes more difficult to control. We will attempt to help you understand vascular constriction and dilation. Dilation, or enlarging of the blood vessels, produces the flushing which acne sufferers experience. Understanding what causes the vessels to dilate will you in controlling the factors that aggravate an acne flush.

There are various factors that can cause facial vessels to dilate or contract. Our goal in the information below is to help you understand the most common causes of vascular constriction.