Pollen Or Allergy Flushing

Acne-Ltd III is an excellent treatment for those effected by allergy related acne or pollen acne. Spring throughout the world results in pollen and mold spores. Spring is the time for new growth and seed production for trees, plants, and grasses. Pollen and mold affects many acne patients. Mold even grows in your kitchen sink and bathroom. Cleaning with Clorox with 50% water and 50% Clorox in a spray bottle works very well.Never "ever" mix Clorox and Ammonia as the gas resulting can be fatal. Also you may try "Clorox Clean-Up" which is ready to use and is a disinfects and kills allergens and it smells better.

The best method to prevent pollent or contact flushing is to stay out of harms way, or to stay out of the pollen as much as possible. It does seem obvious, but some people forget in their busy lives. The second best way as pollent is often unavoidable, is to simply shower and shampoo your hair. The hair holds pollen very efficiently. And it is especially insulting to your sinus cavity when you roll around in the pollen on your pillow and sleep in it for 8 hours per night. Likewise on your sofa or any other place that you might rest your head. Also the de-humidifier to reduce the humidity in your home can help to prevent the growth of mold pores which will prevent mold spores and prevent flushing. Also as the de-humidifier will reduce humidity, it will make the room feel even more comfortable with less air conditioning cost.

Clean your dogs and cats by brushing or bathing your dogs..

Also, changing your heating / air conditioning filter every month during the heavy pollen count days and thereafter ever two months will provide much cleaner air and reduce your work load in dusting.

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