What Acne-Ltd III will accomplish for you?

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Most acne patients will notice an improvement in the appearance of their acne skin within 5 to 7 days and always very noticeable changes well within 2 to 3 weeks after starting Acne-Ltd III. If you would like, take a photograph of yourself so you can compare the difference 'before' and 'after' beginning the use of Acne-Ltd III. We believe you will be quite pleased at the difference. We have found the two-disk system to be most beneficial with the light tan application used during the day (as shown in the picture) and the yellow application used at night. The color of the disk is indicative of the ingredients in the disk with the "color being invisible" on the skin. Acne-Ltd III will provide happiness for those suffering from acne while improving the beauty of the skin without the negative side effects of Accutane, antibiotics, or acne retinoid medications which have been a mainstay in the treatment of acne for many years. Acne-Ltd III users confirm that Acne-Ltd III will improve the beauty of skin where acne pimples, facial redness (erythema) and pustules previously existed.

What is Acne-Ltd III

Acne-Ltd III is made by all natural minerals and then compressed together to make an extremely smooth disk that can be used all over the face and anywhere else the acne may be located at. Acne-Ltd III is what the body needs to help combat acne. With the all natural ingredients such as: zinc oxide, magnesium stearate, sodium chloride and many more are known to help eliminate acne and acne causing bacteria.

Your past medication experience may not have produced the results you desired!

Many existing acne patients have been frustrated for many years with unsuccessful or marginal results from other acne products. Many of you will note that prescribed acne medications such as steroids, retinoids, accutane, and various acne laser treatments do not work for you and may have caused additional damage to your skin. Oral and topical antibiotics can work for up to several weeks before the bacteria become immune to the antibiotic, causing the antibiotic to no longer be effective. Some of the acne products you may have used in the past can also lead to a condition known as acne rosacea.

Compare your past Acne Treatment with Acne-Ltd III

All U.S. orders are mailed no later than the following business day by U.S. Priority Mail with DELIVERY CONFIRMATION TRACKING and are received within 2 to 3 postal days. International orders for Acne-Ltd III are mailed Federal Express and are usually received within 2 to 3 days worldwide. If your package has not been received in the appropriate times listed above, please e-mail us and we will "track it" through the United States Postal computer system and notify you of the status of the order.

Acne-Ltd III Disks

Both a tan and a yellow Acne-Ltd III disk will be mailed in separate plastic shipping containers. Together, they normally last 12 months. Acne-Ltd III is discreetly packaged for your privacy.

If you have not seen results that you had hoped for, simply return unused portion of Acne-Ltd & your Letter of Instruction (with name, address and date of purchase) which provides all of the information to make your refund. The refund will be made the day of receipt by the same method that you paid.

Ordering Acne-Ltd III

Ordering Acne-Ltd III can most easily be accomplished 24 hours a day through our secure internet order page (or you may use your PayPal instead of your credit card) as the simplest and fastest methods of ordering via the internet, or you may use U.S. Mail or your counties mail service, or call during business hours of 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM Monday-Friday Eastern Standard Time by calling toll Free at 1-877-942-2838 within the United States and outside of the United States at 1-919-942-7735. The Acne-Ltd III ordering form containing all information is located on top of each page. If after reviewing the extensive information on these pages you are unable to find the answer to your questions concerning Acne-Ltd III, please contact us at and always place 'acne' within the subject line to allow it to be received by us instead of our anti-spam program.

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What is Acne?

Acne is caused by three main factors. Abnormal keratinization of the lining of the sebaceous gland caused by androgen stimulation, resulting in plugging of the gland; Increased production of sebum by the sebaceous gland due to androgen stimulation; A bacterium Propionibacterium proliferates within the gland and modifies the sebum. Propionibacterium is a bacterium normally found on the skin.

Acne is influenced by many more factors. Hormones play a part in the production of conditions which can promote the occurrence of acne. Over use or abuse of acne treatments themselves can cause a worsening of acne. Makeup applied to the skin can in some instances cause conditions leading to the symptoms of acne. Diet, while not normally thought to be a cause of acne, can in fact lead to a pH imbalance in the body and the body's largest organ, the skin will also be affected. Hair spray, gels and conditioners can clog the pores along the hair line leading to acne pimples.

An effective acne treatment must begin with an understanding of what causes or influences acne pimples. Effective skin care for acne must address the issues related to formation and production of pimples. The symptoms and appearance of Acne can be controlled. The treatment of acne calls for some self-discipline and willingness to change, and an understanding of the causes of acne.

Learn more about acne and acne treatment on our lifestyle changes page. There you will find the aim of acne treatment is to reduce pimples, adult acne, acne rosacea, cystic acne, acne vulgaris, and other acne types.

Many of you will note that the double blind acne clinical trials on prescription medications such as antibiotics, retinoids, Accutane, acne home remedies and various acne laser treatments do not work for you, but actually cause skin damage and may lead to a condition referred to as acne rosacea and also known as adult acne. The oral and topical antibiotics can work for up to several months before the bacteria become immune to the antibiotic, causing the antibiotic to no longer be effective. Most customers notice that they are much happier with their skin within a couple of days and always well within two to three weeks after starting Acne-Ltd III. Acne-Ltd III is our third generation of the Acne-Ltd product line. Many harsh acne products can be one of the causes of a more serious skin disorder called rosacea.

Bookmark this site by clicking on the "Favorites" (gold star at the top and second line on most computers). Ask or tell your doctor about Acne-Ltd III. Likewise, those with advanced 'acne rosacea', ocular rosacea and facial rosacea may wish to learn from our Rosacea-Ltd III web site. Rosacea-Ltd III effectively improves the appearance of rosacea symptoms.

Home Remedy for Adult Acne

The tendency to develop adult acne is inherited. Although acne pimples can be prevented, careful cleanliness can help to lessen the effects. Clean the skin gently but thoroughly with soap and water to remove dirt or make-up. When cleansing the acne prone skin, use a clean warm 98 degree (normal body temperature) wash cloth to gently open the pores and dry the face with another clean towel to prevent bacterial re-infection. Use warm water compresses at 105 (hot tub temperature) to open up clogged pores prone to adult acne. Limited use of topical astringents can remove excess oil; too much astringent will cause a worsening of the acne skin. Don't squeeze, scratch, pick, or rub acne lesions. These activities can increase skin damage and result in acne scarring. Wash your hands before and after caring for skin lesions to reduce the chance of acne infection. Identify and avoid anything that aggravates your acne. This may include oily foods, lotions, make-up, and so on. Avoid oil based cosmetics or creams that clog acne pores, which can aggravate adult acne. Stress can add to the acne problem as the adrenal hormones are acidic and lowers the body pH for fight or flight thus more adult acne.